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    Cristian Leonte

Cristian Leonte

Hi, my name is Cristian. I love tech stuff and to help startup communities grow and resolve tech/banking/security problems that the users have.

• Year 2001: Data Center Administrator (NXDATA)
• Year 2003: Network Administrator (RCS & RDS)
• Year 2005: Server Security Admin (UK HSBC Bank)
• Year 2008: Store Manager (BOSCH Romania)
• Year 2009: Network Administrator (ITimaGE Romania)
• Year 2010: Consultant/Driver (Giorgio Armani Labels)
• Year 2012: Supported SEO Community (Digital Point)
• Year 2013: Developed Turnkey APPS (CodeCanyon)
• Year 2015: Recruited Techies (Fullz.org Community)

I am available for small or large projects, my hourly rate is $100.

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